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Bar46 Farms, raise and offer The Emperor’s Breed Wagyu (Akaushi) beef and cattle, Fullblood Akaushi bulls, replacement heifers, fertilized embryos, Kurobuta (Purebred Berkshire) piglets and pork. All livestock at the Bar46 are grass fed and free range. We don’t use steroids or growth hormones and never will. We utilize the carrot rather than the stick in our animal handling practices, following Temple Grandin’s teachings. We practice regenerative and No Waste farming techniques. If you take care of Mother Earth, she will take care of you. In addition, we offer a line of pet treats from beef organs and muscles that are no longer popular with most people to eat, ie. beef heart, liver, kidney’s etc. We partner with other like minded local farms and organizations in this endeavor. We are not a large corporation with numerous employees. When you call or email to inquire about one of our products, you will speak with our family. We love what we do and are very grateful and blessed to live this lifestyle, God, family and farm. Do things right and do the right things, understand the difference and the importance of both. 


“It ain’t dying I’m talking about,.....It’s livin”

Augustus McCrae.



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