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Our Story

The Bar46 is a family owned and operated farm in Nez Perce County, Idaho. When my wife, Jacque, and I purchased this farm, we wanted a place for all three of our adult children and their families to build and live near each other as a family. Family is our priority. For over 30 years, we have been breaking bread every Sunday, as a family and more times than not our Sunday dinners include friends who have become family. We raise chickens, pigs, cattle, vegetables, alfalfa and grandchildren. The number 46 has always been a special number to us. My son and I wore the number 46 in highschool and college, while playing football. After purchasing the property, we discovered the farm is on the 46th parallel. Moreover, we identified the farm is located at 46.46 North. All in all, we aren't sure if we picked 46 or it picked us. 


Best Regards, 

Jim and Jacque Moreno

Bar46 Farms

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