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Akaushi (Translates to Red Cow) is a Japanese treasure and has been designated the Emperor's Breed due to its high quality flavor and tenderness.


Replacement Heifers

Bar 46 Farms, produces the highest level of Akaushi genetics in our seed stock. Our replacement heifers are very rarely offered for private treaty sales.  


Fullblood Emperor’s Breed Wagyu Bulls

Bar 46 Farms, Akaushi Bulls are Fullblood and genetically traceable to Japan. We use only the highest level of genetics to produce our Bulls. We pride ourselves on all the attributes that will move your herd to the next level. Our bulls are hand fed and will grade at the highest levels in any identified epv/epd's. 


Fertilized Embryos

Bar 46 has partnered with the best genetic firms in the cattle industry. We have hundreds of harvested embryos paired with the best bull seman available in the Akaushi genetic arena. 

Emperor’s Breed Wagyu Beef

Bar 46 offers two types of beef, American Wagyu and Emperors Breed Wagyu. American Wagyu is simply 50% wagyu and 50% US breed. This beef will be among the highest levels of beef quality raised within the United States USDA beef grading scale. It is an incredible eating experience.  Emperor's Breed Wagyu, is graded on the Japanese grading scale and starts at the US best, (Prime) and goes up from there. Only fullblood wagyu are eligible for the Japanese grading scale. Monounsaturated fats, (heart healthy fat) are elevated in wagyu and the flavor is unparalleled.  Only the best steakhouses offer wagyu due to its lack of availability and unmatched dining experience. The Bar46 cattle are free range. We don't use steroids or growth hormones and never will. 

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